Short Bio

Syed Basher

Dr. Syed Basher received a PhD and a Masters from York University in 2007 and 2001 (respectively) for his work on oligopoly models.  He is currently an associate professor and department chair at the Department of Economics, East West University, Dhaka.  His research interests center on application of time series and panel data econometrics to micro- and macroeconomics analysis.  He has published around 50 scientific papers in peer-reviewed academic journals and presented papers at international conferences including AEA, CEA, and POMS.  His current areas of focus include energy economics, forecasting, technology management and behavioral economics.  Prior to joining East West University, he served as a senior research fellow at Fikra Research & Policy, Doha (2014-2016); as a research economist at Qatar Central Bank (2007-2013); and as an economic consultant to the Qatar National Food Security Programme (2010-2012).  He often provides experts views about the GCC economy to print and digital media.